About us

           THEO Engineering Co., Ltd. (THEO) was found by the manager’s vision and he saw the opportunity in the weighing business by bringing computer software system into the market in order to create more efficiency in weighing. Therefore, he set up the weighing business in the year 1997 in the form of “Partnership Limited” and has been transformed into “ Company Limited” in the year 2009 with the result of continuous growth.
         Since our software have been designed and developed to respond customer’s most requirements and rather simple for using including our professional services, they cause us gain the trustworthiness from the customers and become a leader in truck scale software developer for many industries, e.g., agricultural industry, paddy rice yard, tapioca flour plant or cassava yard, food industry, chemical industry, and others who use truck scale in their business.
           We not only supply the software to our direct partners and customers, but also have been trusted by Mettler Toledo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to be their supplier for more than 10 years. This can quarantee our quality. We’ve never stopped our progress so we plan to increase our market to AEC countries group, such as, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.
         Besides the truck scale software, we also develop other weighing software, e.g., floor scale, win-Milk (software for Raw Milk Collection Center) and other customized software including after sales services and consulting service for providing satisfaction to customer. THEO promise to do unceasing development.